HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn Printer Issue and Fix

I needed to replace an aging HP LaserJet 2200D printer and found a great deal on a new HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn. Reviews on NewEgg and forum posts report problems waking from sleep and loss of connectivity. HP fixed these issues in the latest firmware update so I was not too concerned.

Upon receiving the printer, I upgraded the firmware and left the unit in the factory default configuration. After a few days I noticed that it would show as “Offline” on Windows 8.1 computers on the local network. The LCD touchscreen would work but it would not print any jobs sent to it. It would also not print the various reports on printer configuration and supplies that can be requested directly from the LCD touchscreen. A quick power cycle would result in the printing of any items stuck in the queue along with the reports.

In an attempt to diagnose the issue, I starting tinkering with the network settings. The problem reappears sooner when the DHCP lease time is set to a low number (60 minutes, for example). I suspect that if I had access to a debugging console, the problem would have been obvious. With all of that said, the fix I am using is as follows:

The printer is working without issues for the past month. I have not set a static IPv6 address yet. HP should release another firmware update to address this bug as it is a phenomenal printer otherwise.


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