Hotmail POP3 Access

Microsoft’s Hotmail webmail service has finally enabled worldwide POP access so people can use the Outlook, Thunderbird, and iPhones of the world to grab their email. While this move is a little late it is still welcome. At the moment many people in my immediate tech circle use their Hotmail address because of Microsoft’s tight integration with other services like MSN (Windows Live) Messenger and XBox Live. Microsoft needs to allow IMAP access in the near future and shore up its spam filtering if it hopes to regain many of the people they’ve lost to other email services. Here are the settings for Hotmail POP access:

POP Server:
POP Port: 995
POP SSL Required? Yes
User Name: Windows Live ID
Password: Windows Live ID Password
SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 25
Authentication Required? Yes
TLS/SSL Required? Yes

Maybe Yahoo will follow suit now so I can stop using FreePOPS.